Made the old fashioned way, with nothing but apples, apple juice and sugar, plus a tiny bit of lemon juice.

Extra Brown
When you thought it couldn't get any browner!
Like Original, but with brown sugar for an extra kick.

No Added Sugar
Like it says on the label! A little more sharp, perhaps.

Slow Sloe
With added sloe berries from the hedgerows of Suffolk, for an earthy edge.

Warm Spice
With that extra warmth of six lovely spices.


Made the 'American' way – so it's a little more brown and sweet. From a blend of our own apples.


We grow mainly Bramleys and Egremont Russets on two mature fields, plus eight varieties of cider apples planted in 2012.


Dry, still and very refreshing.


Quince Butter
Wonderfully aromatic. Great with ham or cheese.

Apple & Beetroot Butter
With a little Maldon sea salt. Try with
smoked salmon or cottage cheese.

Seasonal specials
Cranberry, blackberry, strawberry and more.


We are happy to make fruit butters using your own fruit. Pressing and bottling services are also available. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.